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This D Day Anniversary I thought about an old veteran I met in Staten Island. I walked into a bar below the apartment I lived in wearing my dress blues, having just returned from the funeral of a shipmate.
An older man I had never met asked, “Hey Chief, can I buy you a beer?” Thank you, I replied.

He stood up and crying, gave me a hug. “You look great Chief and do the uniform proud. Thank you for your your service and I want to say that you make an old sailor awful proud.

He turned and left before I could say anything. I asked who he was and was directed to a yellowed newspaper article hanging in a frame on the wall.

The man who had just left was a WWII veteran whose ship had been sunk by torpedoes and he was the sole survivor. In that article he talked to the reporter about guilt over being the only guy who made it and of being haunted by the screams of his shipmates from their injuries and helplessly watching as they struggled to stay afloat.

I never saw the man again to express my thanks and to try and ease his burden. I think I did that day though. Those of you who have never has a shipmate might find that odd, but there is a comradeship, a bond that is shared by those who have served and suffered with the loss of their shipmates.

I am fortunate to have been a part of that brotherhood and some of my old shipmates will read this, knowing that I am always here for them. I’m also unfortunate to feel the guilt of having survived the loss of many shipmates.

This D Day, take a moment and think about the brave men who served that day, who gave their lives selflessly and gave everything that they could give. If you are fortunate enough to meet a WWII Veteran, take a moment to tell him that you are proud of him and thank him.


It’s A Sad Day

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I would laugh at everyone; I’ve only got twenty years of life probably, all working. The ACA will transition to a single payer system; that’s how it’s designed. All y’all will feel the veterans pain and it’s non-partisan.

But, I’m a compassionate man and I am truly sorrowful. Sorrowful for myself because I never had the opportunity to live in the republic that was once the Land of the Free, or the Land of the Free that was once a republic.

And I’m sorrowful for a society that voted for this, that fights for the right to perform infanticide, shrugs off the claims that the central owns the majority of State lands and doesn’t have a problem with the NDAA, TSA, Patriot Act or the NSA gathering all of your communications data.

Yes, I am ashamed, sick and yes, sorrowful.

An Association

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Say your neighborhood formed an association and you joined it with the association having the delegated power to negotiate snow plowing and trash pick up.
The person elected set a house in a neighboring association on fire and declared that no persons from that association could travel through yours.
He also agreed to use his pal for snow plowing for 5 times the going rate.
Upset at these actions, which were never within the powers that you agreed to give the elected leader, you decide to leave.
The next morning, you find a note on your door stating that you have no right to break from the association and leave. All of a sudden gunshots ring out. Your neighbors are shooting at you. They hit your child and kill your wife and then the set fire to your garage.
You cry out that you give up and that you’ll come back to the association. They stop shooting but patrol your yard armed to the teeth.
You are told that you must apply to be admitted to the association and that there will be certain penalties that will apply only to you.
You ask, why do I have to apply for admittance when you killed my wife and child because I had no right to leave?
Any questions Johnny Reb? Ridiculous ain’t it?
I didn’t even tell you about the marble statue built with your money in honor of that association leader.

The Surrender of The Republic

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It does not take a degree in constitutional law or a far reaching interpretation of the founders intent to reach the conclusion that the central government has no f’ing authority to coerce you into a health insurance plan or to mandate that you must change the plan you currently have.

Yet the greedy, uninformed, partisan, entitled citizenry are happy to follow the media change the argument to be about a web site that was not ready.

The central government will now control an ADDITIONAL 6% of the economy, collect records of all your phone calls and emails and store them in a multi billion dollar facility in Utah, track your whereabouts by mandated black boxes in your car, hold the power to access you bank account through the IRS, decide whether or not to arrest you under the NDAA and detain you indefinitely and they’re getting ready to grant amnesty to millions of people who are in this country illegally.

Will you explain to your children how this happened while you cheerfully pulled your party lever?

Living in the Land of The Free

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Your medical records are online. Your bank accounts are online and can be accessed through Obamacare. Your mortgages are eventually through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Student loans are all through the central government. Your phone calls, Internet traffic and emails are all collected and on their way to a beautiful new storage facility in Utah. Next year, all cars must be equipped with black boxes. You must submit to being scanned or felt up to fly. Some knucklehead in Florida proposed a national concealed carry permit which will lead to a national registry and if you let them grant it, then you cannot complain when the central government takes it away (see incorporation doctrine). The proposed immigration reform suggests a national I’d card.

Yes, you’re free. Keep telling yourself that.


See on Scoop.itCowardly Derelection on Benghazi

Defense Department secretly moves bin Laden records to CIA Alexandria Town Talk McRaven has ordered military files about the Navy SEAL raid on the hideout to be purged from Defense Department computers and sent to the CIA, where they can be more…

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See on Scoop.itCowardly Derelection on Benghazi

Excerpted from The Mirror: BBC journalist Jeremy Bowen was shot in the head and leg today as demonstrations in Egypt ended in bloodshed.

See on

The Ft. Dix Six and the plan to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge were “made up plots” by the Bush administration. But now!!!, we have 50 foiled attempts that were stopped by the unconstitutional gathering of every American citizen’s phone and email records.

Listen to both the left and right pundits telling us how safe we are because of the NSA’s unconstitutional data collection. Look how safe you are.

This is exactly how other empire states have subjugated their people to an authoritarian state.

They have your phone numbers, your email/computer records, black boxes in your cars, your medical records online, they control the agriculture industry and cut deals with Big Pharma to get Obamacare passed.

They have all of your financial data through the IRS and your bank account will be able to be accessed by them under Obamacare.

They are striving to break the restrictions of the second amendment and disarm the citizens and will have 30,000 drones in the skies above us within the next year or so.

You shall be frisked prior to boarding a plane and you might very well have a national ID card or be a participant in e-verify under the new immigration reform bill.

The road to tyranny does not have to be a sudden, violent action. Hitler was voted into power in a free election. No, our liberties have been under assault from both the left and the right for decades.

The Patriot Act, NDAA, FISA, TSA, DHS………all passed legislation that stole your liberty with barely a whimper.



This is not a partisan issue and Ben Franklin’s quote about trading liberty for safety was not foolish. So called conservatives call Snowden a traitor and profess their trust in government. They are ok with this blanket collection of their data if it will keep them safe.

The problem is that it is against the constitution, PERIOD! If a constitutional conservative is ok with this then what is the difference when it comes to government mandated healthcare? It will keep you healthy after all. There is no argument for this. Partisan? No, it is about power. Snowden broke the law and I’m glad he did. I wish he would not have done it in China. There are other ways that he could have done this and maybe jury nullification will come into play here.

I stand by the constitution and this is a blatant violation. Those who are ok with this are not conservative because they seek to preserve nothing. They are willing to trade their liberty and it weakens their arguments against other unconstitutional acts. For is it only their acceptable trade offs that are ok?

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”

” ~ Patrick Henry

The clips from the Staten Island town hall meeting was sad. FEMA? Warned everyone about them before. Exactly why the central govt. does not need to be involved. FEMA should be shut down and the states need to take care of themselves.

One angry individual stated that he had no power or water and no home. He said that he was the middle class and he was being screwed. You are correct sir; you are being screwed. The same as the tornado victims, wildfire victims, Katrina and BP victims. No worse, just screwed.

Screwed by a federal government who has taken the mantle of disaster relief and runs it as efficiently as the Post Office, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the TSA and very soon your health care. Do you see what you have to look forward to?

Now, a Marxist leaning president has been elected on class warfare. Surely he wasn’t elected for not closing GTMO, not passing a budget, not ending the wars. Not by leading, but from the golf course and vacation playgrounds. He was elected by a party who had abortion on demand as a party plank, a nonexistent war on women and promises to tax the rich to pay their fair share.

Yes, elections have their consequences and now you must deal with it. Right before the election, Obama donned the presidential FEMA jacket and promised y’all that you were not alone. He is in this with you, all the way, 100% until the end. So, welcome to the Oligarchy my friends and if you still have no FEMA relief before Christmas; you can call good ole Barack.

The area code will be 808 and he will be there for about four weeks on a $4 Million Dollar TAXPAYER funded vacation while you await your promised aid and listen to how mold and flooding aren’t covered and your homes are not really that bad. Submit your paperwork and get in line.

Or you can join a drum circle, grab a bullhorn and take to the streets. You see, this IS what democracy looks like.