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If the administration had come to an early conclusion to get ahead of speculation; that is one thing.

They did not. They ignored reports of the hired Libyan security team by al Qaeda, the requests to not reduce their security force, the prior attacks and purposefully set out on a media blitz to blame this on a video that nobody saw.

They told forces both in Benghazi and Tripoli to stand down. They botched their back door attempts to supply arms from Libya, to Syria through Turkey and again intervene in a nations civil war.

They left these men to die. They left a Navy Seal on a rooftop with a laser designator; lighting up a target while they withheld strike assets.

Obama and Clinton made decisions that condemned these men to their deaths and they continue to lie to the American people and the people buy it; ready to cast their ballots for a man who so casually sacrifices who are upholding their Oath.