Christie Said What?

Posted: July 28, 2013 in DCvers, Liberty, The State


Chris Christie hits the news shows to set the record straight and warn them of Rand Paul and this dangerous brand of Libertarianism. Give me a break! Allow me to vent please……

It’s not a strain of Libertarianism you fat statist bastard.

It is called conservatism, which seeks to conserve something; like the rights the founders sought to protect with the first ten amendments. A list of amendments that were put forth as a precondition for some states to agree to ratify the constitution and become part of a union.

You see Bluto, some founders, like George Mason, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee and others who were commonly referred to as anti-federalists knew that the Constitution was not enough. They knew that people like you would usurp our liberty in the name of safety for example.

They could see that people like you would seek to spy on the citizenry, frisk them, demand to search their belongings or homes because you felt it was necessary to protect them. They saw the danger of a central government forcing the entire citizenry to participate in a national program like health care.

No, you are the danger to the Republican Party. For you are not a [r]epublican. It is people like you, Marco and Jeb who will run and split the party right down the middle. You and people of your jacobin ilk will cause the small [r] republicans to have their party split down the middle and sent once and for all the way of the Whig Party. It is y’all who will hand the country to an incompetent woman named Hillary and end the republic.

For the simple fact that you sir, seek to conserve nothing.

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