Of Libya and Acceptance

Posted: October 19, 2012 in DCvers, Foreign Intervention, Impeachable, Liberty, Uncategorized
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So he lied about the attack on our embassy. SO WHAT!
The problem is that he violated his oath and presidential power by committing our forces there in the first place and he should have been impeached.
But he won’t; do you know why? Because the [R]epublican party wants to preserve that power for themselves in the future.
The House, Senate and citizens of this country are ok with a king deciding on military actions unilaterally. So deal with it. Deal with the TSA, NDAA, CISPA, Patriot Act, FISA, deficit spending, govt. takeover of industry and bailouts. Accept the first graduating class of the new DHS Security Force.
Accept the 30,000 drones that will soon be overhead streaming warrant less surveillance data and don’t complain when they want to implant a RFID chip in your hand because it will be the currency, medical data, voting info……..don’t complain one bit!

Because you have acquiesced and not risen up. The constitution is dead and we have an illegitimate government. For if the constitution is not followed and we drone Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, or whatever sovereign nation we feel it is in our best interest, then stand by for complete ignorance of the rule of law.

  1. Steve says:

    The American people are not given to violent overthrow. Not in the main anyway. I fear the country is going to become two…Conservative and Liberal. We are now irrevocably divided. Politicians continue to deepen the divide. Further, government has become a self-perpetuating Leviathan which will be nearly impossible to overcome as it has become the god for what is nearly a plurality of the citizens.

    The cowardice of the Republicans is our own cowardice. We do not demand anything from our elected officials other than largess; “bring home the bacon”. They are so ensconced, so sure of their dependent majority that we can put a million people on the Mall and they laugh at us. We could have stopped this 30, 40 or 50 years ago. I do not know that we can now.

    • We are divided and things are going to get worse. If we don’t have laws, if we do not follow the Constitution and if we let the central government completely run rampant; then we have no legitimate government.

      Obama has completely made a mockery of the powers granted him under Article II and our elected representatives refused to hold him accountable. He should have been impeached and that is the part of this Libyan timeline we should be discussing.